CR Recommendedtm

Helping consumers be more
confident when and where they shop

What is CR Recommended?

The CR Recommended program delivers the same independent research, testing and recommendations Consumer Reports has provided for the past 85 years — now available when and where you shop. When a product becomes CR Recommended, manufacturers may display CR’s recommendations where you make buying decisions — such as on manufacturer and retailer sites, in-stores or at dealerships.

How does CR help consumers?

With so many fake online reviews and scams today, it’s often difficult to make informed purchase decisions. Easy and immediate access to objective, reliable recommendations can help you feel more confident about the choices you make.

What’s more, when you make more informed decisions based on CR’s criteria including safety, performance, value, and reliability, together we all can influence manufacturers to meet higher standards.

How does CR Recommended work?

Consumer Reports always chooses which products to test, buys them at retail and never accepts payment from manufacturers to test or rate their products. When a product meets our criteria, it achieves “Recommended” status. Afterwards, manufacturers may opt to use the CR Recommended mark on their own site, shopping sites, or in-stores and at dealerships so consumers can quickly see if a product meets our objective criteria.

By clicking the CR Recommended mark online or scanning the QR code in a store or dealership, you can also learn more about the product and why it’s recommended.

CR charges manufacturers a fee to display the CR Recommended mark, which helps fund our program’s operating costs, including administering and monitoring of the mark to assure proper usage. For products that have a significant health or safety impact, CR may waive this fee.

Consumer Reports continuously monitors for any misuses of the CR Recommended mark and will revoke a recommendation if a product becomes unsafe or no longer qualifies to be recommended based on our comparative evaluations. We use custom monitoring technology and dedicated personnel to ensure that the use of CR Recommended is always valid and up-to-date.

Why become a CR Member?

CR Recommended helps everyone when they shop online or in a store. Only Consumer Reports Members, however, are able to view and compare all of our product and cars ratings, in-depth research and reviews, and can access deals and discounts — as well as being part of a community of consumers who are making positive changes to improve safety, fairness, and corporate accountability.

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