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    Best Deals on Home and Kitchen Products Right Now

    Check out the best discounts on high-quality items that hold up to everyday use

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    Calphalon Quartz Heat TSCLTRDG1 Toaster oven Photo: Calphalon

    This week, we’re seeing lots of offers on seasonal items such as air purifiers and grills, as well as everyday items like kitchen tools and bedding.

    Saving money should never mean sacrificing quality, and Consumer Reports is here to help you find the best prices on great products. We keep tabs on all the products we test, including big-ticket items like refrigerators and induction ranges, kitchen appliances like air fryers and coffee makers, and smart home products like smart bulbs and security cameras. Whenever an item that scores well in our ratings goes on sale, we’ll let you know.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Keep checking back. We’ll be bringing you the best deals on tested products all year long.

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    • Coffee Makers
    Dutch Ovens
    Countertop Appliances
    Air Purifiers
    • Kitchen Tools
    Bed and Bath
    Large Appliances

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    Spotlight Deal

    The Calphalon Quartz Heat is easy to use and pretty easy to clean, and it toasts bread evenly. However, it received just average scores for reheating and baking evenly, and you’ll have to wait a bit to make a whole batch of toast at a medium setting. This model offers pre-set cooking functions for dehydrating and roasting, and there’s a convection setting, too.

    Why it’s a good deal: The current sale price is actually $5 less than it was during Prime Day.

    Coffee Makers

    This Mr. Coffee machine is designed for people who like a lot of different styles of coffee and prioritize flexibility in their coffee maker. It brews both hot and cold coffee in single servings, and it comes with a reusable tumbler, lid, and straw, a reusable coffee filter, and a dual-sided scoop. It’s worth noting that it didn’t perform particularly well in our tests: Its brew performance passed muster, but our testers found it to be fairly difficult to operate and clean. The machine also required some time to cool off between runs—though if you’re making only a single cup at a time, that shouldn’t be an issue.

    Why it’s a good deal: The price for this coffee maker has fallen another few dollars since last week, marking a new low price.

    The Keurig K-Mini Plus is a great little brewer that’s ideal for small kitchens with limited counter space. In our tests, it receives strong scores for temperature and size consistency between cups, as well as how easy it is to use and clean. It features a removable reservoir, a height-adjustable drip tray, and auto-shutoff.

    Why it’s a good deal: Not only are you saving $30, but you have your choice of half a dozen colors, making it a great buy for any home or dorm room.

    Dutch Ovens

    Tia Mowry’s Dutch oven heats up quickly and bakes bread with a crispy crust, earning top marks on both tests. It’s almost as good at simmering sauces and heats evenly. Best of all, it’s a cinch to clean. It weighs almost 14 pounds and has a cooking surface that’s 8 inches in diameter.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the same sale price we’ve seen for the last several weeks, with Honey Gold having the biggest discount.

    The 5.5-quart Le Creuset Signature has been at the top of our ratings for years. And while some newcomers perform just as well, the Le Creuset name is still highly sought after. The speed of heating is top notch, and this Dutch oven is a cinch to clean. But if you bake a lot of bread, there are better choices. It weighs 12 pounds, less than most, and has an 8-inch cooking diameter. The loop handles are nice and wide.

    Why it’s a good deal: Le Creuset doesn’t come cheap, but being able to get it at a discount makes it extra appealing.

    Countertop Appliances

    A newcomer to CR’s ratings, the Ninja Compact Toaster re-envisions the standard toaster design and delivers an impressive appliance that’s ideal for small kitchens. Part toaster, part compact toaster oven, this model can turn out a full batch of toast rather quickly and bake chicken nuggets for two. Its controls are easy to use and it can brown that big batch of toast nice and evenly. However, this appliance can be tricky to clean and is only average at producing one piece of perfectly browned toast.

    Why it’s a good deal: This toaster is still available for the same low price we saw during Prime Day.

    Crux meshes cooking, creativity, and culture to offer a line of products that are both easy on the eyes—fun colors and collaborations abound—and easy to use. This particular model is in partnership with American music producer Marshmello, pulling from his unique style for its design. It’s also the first air fryer from Crux to be engineered with the brand’s TurboCrisp technology, allowing foods to cook in a fraction of the time while still maintaining moisture. In our lab evaluation, we found this model’s controls legible, and the unit pretty easy to clean. But it did produce a fair amount of noise, which is why testers gave it a middling score in that assessment. The Crux Marshmello air fryer comes with four silicone cupcake molds, eight preset cook modes, and a two-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is an especially low-cost air fryer, making it a great option for anyone curious to try air frying without investing too much. The white model is at the best price we’ve seen, but you’ll pay a bit more if you want it in black.

    The 7-cup Secura Original electric kettle is plastic on the outside, stainless steel on the inside, and almost 11 inches high. It’s the only model to snag a top rating in our time-to-cool tests. It keeps 4 cups of boiled water warm for 75 minutes, longer than any of the other kettles. The warranty lasts two years.

    Why it’s a good deal: At this price, this electric kettle can be especially perfect for a dorm or apartment.

    As its Category 5 name suggests, this gunmetal-finish Cuisinart Hurricane Pro blender is noisy, but its commercial-grade horsepower takes blending to the next level. In fact, it’s Cuisinart’s most powerful blender. With variable speed control from 1,500 rpm to a turbo-boosting 30,000 maximum blending power, it also features automatic load sensing, adjustable presets, a digital display, and a memory-setting function. It comes with an extra-large 64-ounce Tritan plastic jar that’s free of bisphenol A (BPA) and has a soft-grip handle.

    Why it’s a good deal: You’re saving a whopping $100 on a top-performing blender.

    Air Purifiers

    ​​The portable Blueair Protect 7470i features a handy filter indicator to alert you when you need to change or clean the filter. It also has a dirt sensor and three speeds. On its highest setting, it’s terrific at removing dust, pollen, and smoke, but expect a bit of noise. Try it on low and you’ll have more quiet while still getting solid results. This model is designed for floor or tabletop use in a space that’s about 420 square feet. It costs about $140 a year to maintain and weighs just under 28 pounds.

    Why it’s a good deal: You’re saving over $100 compared to the original price.

    Loud but effective at removing dust, pollen, and smoke when running at its highest speed, this Airdog portable air purifier misses the mark in a key area. Its air purifying performance at low speed is only fair, CR’s tests found. And at about 25 pounds, it’s also relatively heavy.

    Why it’s a good deal: This air purifier doesn’t go on sale often, so take advantage of the on-page coupon.


    Blackstone all but built the category of outdoor flat-top grills. This entry-level model proves you don’t need to spend a ton to get great performance from its products, either. It’s the fastest of the top models we tested to get hot. It maintains even temperatures across the surface on both low and high heat. And it’s one of the few to feature only two burners, not three; as a result, you might have a slightly harder time maintaining two drastically different temperatures on the surface at once.

    The griddle is built on an unassuming open cart, and it features only one side shelf. Still, while this grill is light on features and lacks the finish or polish of pricier picks, it’s a strong performer at an unbeatable price.

    Why it’s a good deal: The discount makes this already lower-priced model even more appealing.

    A top performer by almost all measures, the Char-Griller Gravity 980 has an almost perfect score in our testing. It achieved a top score for cleaning, indirect cooking, and evenness, and performed almost as well for convenience. The Gravity 980 has a few high-end features, like a hopper feeder for adding more coal and a WiFi-enabled digital temperature controller. With a measured cooking area of 620 square inches, it’s also the largest charcoal grill we’ve tested.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the same sale price we’ve seen all season. It hasn’t gotten any cheaper.

    The Monument Grills 77352 is not only a good large grill for the money but also one of the highest-scoring gas grills in our ratings. It earns top marks across our performance tests for heating evenness, temperature range, and preheating, as well as a solid rating for indirect cooking. It comes with an electronic ignition, stainless steel grates, and four casters to make it easier to move around. And while the grill itself has a typical one-year warranty, it includes an eight-year warranty on the six burners.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a nice discount on an already lower-cost option when it comes to large gas grills.

    For more discounts: Best Deals on Grills

    Kitchen Tools

    AeroGarden Harvest 360

    The circular AeroGarden Harvest 360, among the smallest AeroGarden models, has six ports for seed pods. The starter kit includes one of four seed-pod kits—gourmet herbs, heirloom salad greens, red heirloom cherry tomatoes, and a grow-anything kit. Of the four gardens CR tried, the AeroGarden was the most fun to use, in part because most of the lettuces sprouted in a week and grew fast. But the unit was also relatively easy to operate. Total setup took just 8 minutes.

    Why it’s a good deal: Typically, this sells for $10 more. A price drop below $100 doesn’t come along often.

    Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8

    The Home Hero steak knives seem to work on the same principle as the jaw of a coyote. They’ll definitely separate meat from a bone, but it ain’t gonna be pretty. The knives have jagged, triangular teeth, almost like those on a handsaw. The result is a knife that can certainly cut, but it takes a bit of effort. They can easily tear up food, but they struggle to produce delicate slices. If that’s okay with you, this wallet-friendly choice might be the right one for you.

    Why it’s a good deal: With the on-page coupon, this is the best price we’ve seen for this knife set since the beginning of the year, beating last week’s price by $3.

    Gorilla Grip Original Cutting Board, Set of 3

    If you’re in the market for a new set of cutting boards, this set of three could be the answer. Not only is it a good price for three boards (small, medium, and large) but it’s also one of our tester’s favorites. They were among the most stable on the evaluator’s wood counters and rarely slipped while he was prepping.

    Why it’s a good deal: This set of cutting boards is $3 cheaper than it was during Prime Day.

    Bed and Bath

    Our lab tests found that this Casper topper doesn’t allow users to sink in as deeply as you would with others. The dual-layer cushion combines a layer of softer foam over a firmer base-layer foam. At 20 pounds and 3 inches thick, this mattress topper isn’t easy to move around, but its machine-washable zip-off cover (made of polyester, cotton, rayon, and spandex) is easy to clean. However, this topper cannot be flipped. Casper offers a 30-night risk-free trial, and its toppers are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: Casper products don’t go on sale often, and a 25 percent discount is laudable.

    This set of two microfiber pillows offers very good support for side sleepers but earns just middling scores in our back support tests. And its resilience is just so-so. But if you sleep on the warmer side, you can find comfort in knowing that this pillow has maximum breathability.

    Why it’s a good deal: These pillows are already some of the cheapest in CR"s ratings, and the sale price has dipped $5 compared to last week’s discount, making it an exceptional time to buy.

    Made of two layers of gel memory foam, Tempur-Pedic’s Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow is the most expensive pillow we’ve tested. It’s top notch when it comes to side-sleeper support but only middling for back-sleeper support. In our resilience test, this pillow successfully maintained its shape. Despite having “breeze” in its name, the pillow doesn’t allow for much airflow, so you may get sweaty sleeping on it. Only the cover is machine washable.

    Why it’s a good deal: Last week, this pillow cost over $150, making this week’s discount especially appealing.

    For more discounts: Best Deals on Sleep Accessories


    If you’re looking for a softer mattress that offers support, the Nolah Natural mattress may just fit the bill. It gets above-average ratings for people of all sleep styles and sizes, and it shines when it comes to durability. The only place it falls short is in stabilization, where it gets middling scores in CR’s tests. That means if your partner shifts on one side of the mattress, you might feel it on the other side.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the typical sale price for this mattress. We haven’t seen it selling for any less all year.

    Finding the right mattress for how you sleep can be tricky, but in our tests, the Midnight Luxe is a great choice for people of all sizes, whether they sleep on their back or side. One thing to note about this mattress is that it’s 14 inches high, so you’ll need deep-pocket sheets. When you use the code LDS20, you’ll save 20 percent sitewide, including for this mattress, and you’ll get two free pillows.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a decent discount, but it was 25 percent off in early July and will likely drop back down again closer to Labor Day.

    For more discounts: Best Deals on Mattresses


    ThermoPro’s SmartBT Meat Thermometer TP920 is one of the lower-priced leave-in two-probe wireless thermometers. It sends instant temperature readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth, offering excellent response time and accuracy. The easy-to-use app estimates remaining cook time for nearly all cuts and varieties of meat based on built-in Department of Agriculture guidelines.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s already a great price at its usual $40, but the on-page coupon lets you save just a little bit more.

    The electric-powered Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX is very good at cleaning a range of surfaces, even though its pressure and flow are so-so. Its hose is shorter than most, but the model is easy to move around. In our member surveys, Sun Joe pressure washers earn top-level ratings for their predicted reliability and middling scores for owner satisfaction. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a nice discount for an already lower-cost pressure washer.

    The Black+Decker BESTE620 has only a single cutting line; it’s meant for dealing with grass along walkways rather than thick brush. Even so, it earns a top rating for trimming and is easy to use, even if it doesn’t clear as quickly as some of the more powerful electric models.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s a modest discount, but the trimmer performs well and is a lower-cost option than other top performers in CR’s ratings.


    The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ VR50T95735W is an all-around champ in our robotic vacuum tests, receiving high scores for its ability to clean carpet, bare floors, pet hair, and the edges of walls and corners. It also offers impeccable navigation and receives a high rating for ease of use. It comes with a self-emptying dock and features WiFi connectivity with smartphone control via the SmartThings app.

    Why it’s a good deal: While this is $50 more than we saw during Prime Day, you’re still getting a substantial discount compared with the original price.

    The Dyson Outsize+ is aces at cleaning bare floors and sucking up pet hair, and it leaves edges dust-free. It’s not quite as good at carpet, but it’s still a good choice if you only want one easy-to-store vacuum. It features a laser light on its soft roller powerhead that shows the dust in its path (this feature works best in low light or on dark flooring). Testers especially liked the LCD screen that shows battery countdown and monitors performance. An auto mode changes the vac’s suction according to floor type. A few major pluses: A big dirt bin (so there’s less emptying), and two click-in batteries for versatile cleaning and double the run time.

    Why it’s a good deal: The sale price is now $10 below what we saw during Prime Day.

    The lightweight (16.6 pounds) Shark Stratos AZ3002 is good for any home with a mixture of surfaces, especially if you have a pet (it got a top score in picking up fur). It does a very good job cleaning carpet and an excellent job on bare floors. The power lift-away feature that allows it to be used like a canister is another plus. This model comes with several attachments, and suction through the hose is top notch, so you won’t have a problem vacuuming your upholstery.

    Why it’s a good deal: This upright vacuum is no longer available for its Prime Day price, but you can get it for about $50 more, which is a nice 10 percent discount (or wait until Labor Day, when you might see the price dip again).

    Large Appliances

    This Whirlpool dishwasher is a strong performer, with a third rack and an upscale look for the price, including integrated controls. Whirlpool also earns a strong rating for predicted reliability and a middling score for owner satisfaction, based on data from our reader survey. It’s similar to lower-end models from the KitchenAid brand, which is also owned by Whirlpool.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is already one of the best options under $1,000, and it’s at its lowest price right now, beating the previous sale we saw during July by $30.

    The Amana ASI2175GRS is a solid refrigerator all-around, garnering above-average ratings for thermostat control and temperature uniformity. This 33-inch model is a bit light on features, but it has an external water/ice dispenser, gallon-sized storage bins on the doors, and digital controls.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s a solid discount for a solid performer from our ratings.

    The LG LTE4815ST, a handsome electric range with double convection ovens, packs in a lot for the money. It offers a slide-in design and earned the top marks in nearly all our tests. (Baking was the only exception, but it scored above average nonetheless.) Notably spacious, it allows for plenty of food to fit into each oven, and it’s one of the only electric smoothtops we’ve tested to offer a self-clean setting. Plus, LG earns a top-notch predicted reliability rating for its electric ranges, according to our member surveys, but the brand’s owner satisfaction score is lukewarm.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is a hefty discount, which we’ve seen since July Fourth.

    For more discounts: Best Sales on Large Appliances

    Samantha Gordon

    Samantha B. Gordon

    Samantha B. Gordon is the deals editor at Consumer Reports. She has been covering the online marketplace for CR since 2019, helping readers save money and find the best prices on high-quality products. Previously, Samantha was the managing editor of the e-commerce team at Reviewed. In her free time, Samantha can be found crafting and playing her guitar. Follow her on Twitter @sam_the_editor.